Official data of the 2022 harvest in Adega A Coroa

>>> Approximately 160,000 kilograms of Godello and around 2,500 kilograms of Grenache are the harvest data of a season in which the quality of the grapes has been exceptional

An extremely hot summer, with maximum temperatures above 40 ºC, along with a year with little rainfall, predicted a shorter harvest than last year. But nothing could be further from the truth, when the first samplings and surveys of production released hopeful signs that were confirmed days later with the first plots harvested.

In this sense, the increase in production compared to last year is due to the fact that the winery has been enlarging its vineyards in recent years (through new plantations and old vineyards), currently reaching a total of 23 hectares in production. Thus, in future updates to our website we will present you the new vineyards.

The plant health of the grapes was exceptional, which is logical after a summer hardly affected by diseases.

Official data of the 2022 harvest in winery A Coroa

As for quality, the high temperatures and low humidity caused plant resting periods that resulted in a delay in the vegetative cycle. Therefore, the ripening of the grape reached its optimum point at the beginning of September in the earliest plots, having to wait almost until the end of the month to harvest the last ones. Altogether, although we are facing a warm year, the alcoholic strengths are around last year’s numbers with a slightly lower acidity level, especially caused by warm nights in August.

In this sense, the Valdeaugas plot, due to its high altitude and the area’s microclimate (with milder daytime temperatures and cooler nighttime ones), marked differences with respect to the rest. Not so in the amount of grapes collected, which unfortunately was a little lower than the previous harvest, approximately 5% less.

Official data of the 2022 harvest in winery A Coroa
>>> Phases

A dry winter and spring, with a summer marked by high temperatures, caused plant resting periods that at times delayed the vegetative cycle. With these climatic conditions, cryptogamic diseases (to which we are so accustomed) hardly developed and, therefore, exceptional plant health was obtained with hardly any phytosanitary intervention.

Official data of the 2022 harvest in winery A Coroa

>>> Quantitative Data

The quantitative results of the 2022 harvest are listed below:

  Kg of Godello grapes collected: 160,000 kg (approx)

  Kg of Grenache grapes collected: 2,500 kg (approx)

With these figures, the approximate volume of wine is:

Godello: 145,000 bottles

Centennial Grenache – Ladeira Vella: 2,200 bottles

Official data of the 2022 harvest in winery A Coroa

>>> Qualitative Data

As for the qualitative values, the first musts obtained marked a good aromatic intensity with a slightly lower note of freshness compared to the last harvest, but with an exceptional balance and volume in the mouth. Now, with some wine with the alcoholic fermentation just completed, the tastings show a good aromatic intensity, very fruity, with a citrus sensation, fresh, and a slight final bitterness. The passage of time and the arrival of cold weather is essential for our wines to gradually become more rounded, and thus reach the consumer at their best.

While awaiting the arrival of data from the analyzes that will be carried out soon, we can unequivocally anticipate the excellence of a coming 2022 vintage for all A Coroa wines.


>>> Production Philosophy

In A Coroa we work every day to offer wines of the highest quality, as attested by the quality certificate of Galicia Calidade and Controlled Production – being the only winery worldwide producing Godello that is governed by a production control of its vineyards-.

We are convinced that the quality of a great wine starts in the vineyard. Therefore, and in accordance to our philosophy, we supervise to the smallest detail when taking care of the vines and the fruit, being always environmentally friendly.

Text and Photo by Ricardo Dobao – Technical Director at Adega A Coroa SAT

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