A Coroa Winery

A tribute to their ancestors, to their strenght and determination.

Our Winery

For four generations, the López Vincente family from Vilamartín de Valdeorras in Ourense has been spreading wine culture in Eastern Ourense.

In 2002, together with Roberto Fernández Garcia, they made a crucial decision: to make quality wine. Winery A Coroa was founded as a tribute to their ancestors, to their strength and determination.

Although A Coroa is a family run winery, it has current, up-to-date wine-making equipment. Sensible modern viticulture taking advantage of the Godello varietal’s personality and always in search of quality; this, convinced that wine comes primarily from the vineyard, is the philosophy that drives our work at A Coroa.

Winemaking Process

Production centres on thorough and thoughtful processing of the grape, using the best technology and respecting the heterogeneity of the land.

Our oenologist, Ángel Sanchez Cuesta, educated at the RequenaViticulture and Oenology School (Valencia), has been working at his profession in Valdeorras County for more than 27 years.

An absolute connoisseur of viticulture and the Valdeorras grape varietials, he is one of the pioneers of monovarietal winemaking with Godello and Mencia, and probably one of those who best knows the potential of viticulture in this area.