>>> Approximately 200,000 kilograms of Godello and around 2,400 kilograms of Grenache are the harvest data of an exceptional campaign in terms of quality and quantity

A spring with high temperatures and water reserves in the soil, due to the abundant rains at the end of 2022, cause an early bud break of the vine. Spring continues with abundant rains until the first week of summer, after which the moderate temperatures and water reserves in the soil contributes to the advancement of the vegetative cycle. At the end of August, and due to the high temperatures, the vines reach the optimal ripening to start with the harvest.

This begins on August 28, and lasts until September 11, marked by homogeneity in ripening. To put the crowning touch to this 2023 harvest, the Garnacha Tintorera is collected on September 21.

Datos Oficiales de la vendimia 2023 en Adega A Coroa

Once again, it is worth highlighting the quality of the Godello grapes collected in the Valdeaugas vineyard, with which we make 200 Cestos. The exceptional location, altitude, and temperatures that characterize this plot have contributed to achieve an exceptional grape quality.

>>> Phases

The water reserves of the soil, with mild daytime and low nighttime temperatures, marked this vegetative cycle, which resulted in an early harvest with a great balance of alcohol and acidity levels, thanks to this temperature difference between day and night.

Vegetation management, with green pruning (pruning, deadheading, thinning of clusters and leaf removal) together with the management of the vegetation cover (competition between spontaneous vegetation of the soil and the vines for water and soil nutrients) were crucial to achieving optimal health and quantity.

The summer, marked by mild average temperatures, absence of precipitation, but with sufficient water reserves in the soil, caused a gradual ripening of the grapes that maintained good acidity levels, which turned into a perfect balance to produce great wines.

Regarding plant health and despite the indicated weather conditions, the health of the fruit was not affected in any of the different phases and its quality has been extraordinary. For this purpose, and as mentioned above, the work on vegetation and vegetation cover management has been essential.

>>> Quantitative Data

The quantitative results of the 2023 Harvest are listed below:

  Kg of Godello grapes collected: 200,197 kg.

  Kg of Garnacha grapes collected: 2,462 kg.

With these figures, the approximate wine volumes are:

Godello: 190,000 bottles

Garnacha Centenaria – Ladeira Vella: 2,300 bottles

>>> Qualitative Data

Regarding qualitative values, we can highlight that the great quality of the Godello grape is reflected in the newly made wine, with fresh notes, minerality and great intensity of aromas. In the mouth, they are unctuous wines, with great volume and a balance of alcohol/acidity that makes them long and persistent.

Datos Oficiales de la vendimia 2023 en Adega A Coroa

While waiting for more data from the analyzes that will be carried out soon, we can advance without any doubt the excellence of a future 2023 vintage for all A Coroa wines.


>>> Production Philosophy

Convinced that a great wine is made in the vineyard, our production system focuses on a thorough and rational treatment of the fruit, using technology and respecting the heterogeneity of the land.

From our enologist Ángel Sánchez, a great connoisseur of the varieties and viticulture of Valdeorras thanks to his more than 25 years of experience in the region, we bet for a rational and modern viticulture taking advantage of the personality of the Godello grape in order to offer our clients only the best elaborations.
godello, valdeorrasThis is why A Coroa wines are present on the best tables in almost 20 countries of 4 continents, and backed by more than 100 international awards and mentions.


Text and Photo by Ricardo Dobao – Technical Director at Adega A Coroa SAT

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