Official data of the 2021 harvest in winery A Coroa

>>> Approximately 127,000 kilograms of Godello and around 1,100 kilograms of Garnacha are the harvest data of a season in which the quality of the grape has been exceptional

An atypical summer, with temperatures lower than usual, caused a delay in the ripening of the grapes. Already during the harvest, different storms caused stoppages that made this a long harvest. Specifically, the Godello variety began to be harvested on September 2 and the last bunches did not enter the winery until September 22. As for the Garnacha Tintorera, the harvest was not made until October 1.Official data of the 2021 harvest in winery A Coroa

One more year, it is worth highlighting the quality of the grapes collected in the Valdeaugas vineyard, with which we elaborate the “200 Cestos”. The exceptional location, altitude, and temperatures that characterize this plot, made possible to achieve excellent grape quality.

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>>> The vegetative cycle

During the annual cycle, the conditions were favorable for the optimal development of the vine. Mild daytime and cool night time temperatures caused slower ripening with a perfect balance of alcohol and acidity.

For the rest, a rainy spring left sufficient water reserves for the plant, and average temperatures as well as dry weather – both ideal conditions – during flowering, a critical period for the crop.

The summer, marked by average temperatures and isolated rainfall, resulted in a slow and gradual ripening of the grapes. Regarding plant health, and despite the above-mentioned weather conditions, it was not affected in any of the different phases and the quality of the fruit has been extraordinary.

Official data of the 2021 harvest in winery A Coroa

>>> Quantitative Data

The quantitative results of the 2021 Harvest are listed below:

Kg of Godello grapes harvested: 127,133 kg

Kg of Garnacha grapes harvested: 1,100 kg (approx.)

With these figures, the approximate volumes of wine are:

Godello: 118,000 bottles

Centenary Garnacha – Ladeira Vella: 900 bottles

Godello, Valdeorras, A Coroa

>>> Qualitative data of the harvest

The favorable weather conditions for the vineyard all year round, along with a system of specific tasks and treatments according to the climate and characteristics of each plot, have managed to minimize the use of phytosanitaries in 2020 and, consequently, obtain a very natural grape totally free of external agents.

All in all, there has been a better ripening of the fruit that has led to a high quality grape, which in turn, will be reflected in the future elaborations of the 2021 vintage.

Godello, A Coroa, Valdeorras. >>> Production Philosophy

In A Coroa we work every day to offer wines of the highest quality, as attested by the quality certificate of Galicia Calidade and Controlled Production – being the only winery worldwide producing Godello that is governed by a production control of its vineyards-.

We are convinced that the quality of a great wine starts in the vineyard. Therefore, and in accordance to our philosophy, we supervise to the smallest detail when taking care of the vines and the fruit, being always environmentally friendly.

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Godello. Valdeorras. 200 Cestos. Comprar. Online. A Coroa.

Godello. Valdeorras. 200 Cestos. Comprar. Online. A Coroa.

Godello. Valdeorras. 200 Cestos. Comprar. Online. A Coroa. 


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