The  Godello A Coroa “200 Cestos” nominated wine revelation of the year by Guía Peñín

 The prestigious Peñín Guide gives great reviews to the godellos A Coroa, putting a special emphasis on the 200 Cestos 2015, which will opt for the ‘Wine Revelation of the Year’ award.

90 points for Godello A Coroa 2016, 92 for A Coroa Lías 2015, and 93 for 200 Cestos 2015, are the ratings that Peñín has given to our wines, qualifications that open the doors of the 18th Hall of the Best Spanish Wines.

Accepting this invitation, our commercial director, Cefe Fernández, and the president of A Coroa, Ángel López Vicente, will attend the event at Ifema, Madrid, the following. 23rd and 24th of October.

In addition to this, and as a fact of the great reviews, the 200 Cestos is among the nominees for ‘Wine Revelation of the Year’ award, a select recognition to which only the best wines have access.
For some time now, the Peñín Guide -probably the most important wine guide on the national scene- has turned Valdeorras and its wines into a reference of the highest quality in Spain. Within this frame, the Godello variety becomes a predilection for experts and tasters, reflected in its success and great presence in the major international restaurants.

Valdeorras, which last year became the appellation with the highest score average in the category of young wines of the Peñín Guide, has reinforced its qualifications with an average of 89.47 points, a great score that even the wines of A Cora have surpassed.

salones_1600A Coroa winery exports about 60% of its production and our wines have an international presence in over 20 countries on 4 continents.

Our philosophy is the commitment to quality of our products, as confirmed by the seal of Galician Quality and Controlled Production. Moreover, we are the only winery worldwide that produces Godello that is governed by the controlled production of its vineyards.

This philosophy is based on the fact that the quality of a great wine is made in the vineyard; therefore, and faithful to this culture of work, all the grapes come solely from our vineyards of controlled production, in which we have a special care of the vines and the fruit, always with respect for the environment as it is guaranteed by our seal of integrated production.


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