Great quality grapes and a reduction in production set the course of the 2017 harvest in A Coroa

The high quality of the grape, which hardly needed phytosanitary treatments, along with a reduction in the production of around 53% compared to the previous season, are the differential features of the future launch of the wines A Coroa, awaited to be exceptional

A climatologically very complicated year, with a considerable reduction in production due to the damaging frosts at the end of April and an incipient drought during the summer months, has not undermined a year that is predicted of great quality wines.

Again, a productive model based on the monitoring and personalized control of each plot, as well as an experienced technical team and operators, are responsible for the good results obtained.

In addition, A Coroa applies the non-negotiable policy for which only the grapes of our vineyards are to be used in the production of the A Coroa wines, with a daily and exhaustive control of all the factors that intervene in the development of the vines and fruit.

Godello Harvest

The control of the fruit production in the vineyard – a maximum of 8000 Kg/ha, which means fewer clusters per vine, more ventilated, with less possibility of accumulating moisture and, therefore, less risk of appearance of fungal diseases – , along with a rainfall deficit during the entire flowering, development, and maturation campaign, have made the use of antifungal assets practically unnecessary, achieving a grape of exceptional quality and very natural.

Additionally, the integrated production model – Integrated Production -, a faithful commitment of A Coroa that already limits the use of phytosanitary products in all its plots, endorses the naturalness of a harvest that will surely give plenty and good to talk about.

Combining the previously mentioned factors, the quantitative results of the 2017 vintage will be around of bottles.

As for qualitative values, the quality of the grape has been outstanding and the balance of acidity and alcohol is more than remarkable. Thus, the results of the analysis showed the following data at the time of collection.

  • Godello intended to 100% Godello A Coroa and A Coroa Lias: 13.7% vol grade, with 5.9 gr/l of acidity.
  • Godello intended to “200 Cestos” of  Valdeaugas plot: 13.7 vol grade, with 6.0 gr/l of acidity.
  • Centenarian Grenache Ladeira Vella: 14.5 to 15 vol grade with 5.5 gr/l of acidity.A Coroa Wines

In A Coroa winery we work every day to offer wines of the highest quality, as attested by the quality certificate of Galicia Calidade and Controlled Production – being the only winery worldwide producing Godello that that is governed by a production control of its vineyards-.

In A Coroa we are convinced that the quality of a great wine starts in the vineyard. Therefore, and in accordance to our philosophy, all the grapes come solely from our vineyards of controlled production, which we supervise to the smallest detail when taking care of the vines and the fruit, being always environmentally friendly.



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