Gold Medal in Lyon for the new vintage 2017 of the young Godello A Coroa

The 2017 harvest of the young godello A Coroa, which will be launched in the coming weeks, has just won its first gold medal in France

The first prize for godello A Coroa 2017 was announced at the Lyon International Wine Competition last week. This prestigious contest has given to our new vintage its most important award: the 2018 Gold Medal.

For two years in a row, the new harvest of the young godello A Coroa will be in the market backed by a new gold medal, this year granted by one of the most prestigious international wine competitions in France.

Lyon, the capital of French gastronomy, is home to the International Wine, Beer and Spirits Competition.

Each year, with the support of renowned partners such as the Toques Blanches Lyonnaises, the Association des Sommeliers Lyonnais et Rhône Alpes, Global Wine & Spirits and Metro, the competition tastes thousands of bottles from numerous countries and brings to light the world’s best wines, beers and spirits.

In 2017, the competition organised the tasting of more than 6400 samples from 36 countries. Since its creation the competition has showcased millions of bottles with its famous gold and silver medals.


The 2017 A Coroa harvest stands out for its exclusivity, combining acidity and freshness with higher unctuousness in the mouth. Soft, delicate, of subtle aromas and very pleasant.

A Coroa Godello presents a bright straw color, with marked green hues on a thin layer that reminds us of harmonic combinations of Green leafy flowers and shows its careful preparation. Crystal brightness and with an extensive tear.

With great transparency of aromas and remarkable intensity, it subtly shows spicy notes that melt with aromas of wild White herbs, citrus notes, tropical fruit, ripe stone fruit and a light aniseed tone that reminds one of fennel. It has a marked vegetal touch on the nose, typical of the variety, and outstanding clean.

Fresh in the mouth, with less marked acidity and increasing softness and unctuous smoothness. It is a long wine, marked by its slight bitterness, typical of the great godellos. Subtle retronasal aroma with remarkable touch of white flowers.

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In A Coroa we firmly believe in a sustainable model of production, minimizing the use of additives, phytosanitary and harmful elements for the environment, offering all our customers the most natural product possible and of the highest quality. In addition, we are pioneers in the implementation of the controlled production model of the godello variety; a process that reduces the maximum amount of grapes per plot, obtaining a fruit of a superior quality to make our wines.


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