An excellent health of the grape bunches and a noticeable degree of maturation closed yesterday the first phase of the harvest at Adega A Coroa

In a season conditioned by the low rainfall and the aggressive frost of the past April, the vineyards of controlled production of Adega A Coroa have been able to overcome all adversity in an outstanding manner, offering a considerable recovery within its little affectation and without diminishing the final quality of the collected grapes.

Following the trend of other wineries in inland Galicia, the 2017 harvest of Adega A Coroa will be divided into two phases: a first one, ended yesterday, estimated to be the 80% of the annual production and in which the fruit not affected by the mentioned frost was collected; and a second one, not scheduled yet, which represents the remaining 20% of the final production and that results from the post-freeze regrowth, now being favored by the last rain in the region.

Valdeorras Vine

Making it clear that to determine a final amount would be premature, all estimates suggest that the total production could be reduced by 20-25% compared to 2016. In turn, the health of the fruit is in an optimal sanitary conditions, due to the lack of rainfall and the consequent non-proliferation of fungal diseases, ensuring the elaboration of very natural wines. In addition, both the water stress and the hot summer season have favored a very early maturation, reducing the size of the bunches, a fact that invites a more controlled fermentation that will help to preserve, and even accentuate, all the aromas of the variety of this special harvest.

Therefore, the first evaluations foretell wines of great exclusivity for the coming vintage. With warmth and naturalness as great distinctions, the godellos A Coroa 2017 will be wines to be enjoyed and also to be preserved.

Godello Harvest

The A Coroa winery exports about 60% of its production and our wines have an international presence in over 20 countries on 4 continents.

Our philosophy is the commitment to quality of our products, as confirmed by the seal of Galician Quality and Controlled Production. Moreover, we are the only winery worldwide that produces Godello that is governed by the controlled production of its vineyards.

This philosophy is based on the fact that the quality of a great wine is made in the vineyard; therefore, and faithful to this culture of work, all the grapes come solely from our vineyards of controlled production, in which we have a special care of the vines and the fruit, always with respect for the environment as it is guaranteed by our seal of integrated production. 


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