A grape of exceptional quality sets the course of the 2016 harvest in Adega A Coroa

Despite of a year characterized by adverse weather conditions, which also implied an extra care of the vineyards compared to previous years, the work done by the team of A Coroa managed to get a grape of exceptional quality, with an optimal balance of alcohol and acidity, as well as a slight increase of the amount of Godello produced.

Incipient rains and the consequent moisture during the flowering process with the dreaded risk of mildew, along with a hot and excessively dry summer that caused a delay in the vegetative cycle because of water stress – late maturity -, have not been able to undermine neither the quality nor the grape production in the plots of Adega a Coroa.

From the technical department of the winery it is stated that the model of production, based on a personalized monitoring and control of each plot, has had much to do with the excelent end results.

In turn, the integrated production model that the Winery A Coroa uses, and which limits the use of plant protection products on all plots, requires a much more control of the vineyard as well as a good preparation to undertake the necessary processes to face possible difficulties during the flowering, fruit development and ripening. Thus, both the green pruning and the application of optimal treatment in the most sensitive time have been instrumental in achieving the results of the vintage.

In addition, the privileged geographical situation of the A Coroa vineyards with sunny, ventilated, well drained and stony soils, favor the care of the fruit and minimize the risk of moisture and of spread of diseases caused by fungi.


Combining the previously mentioned factors, the quantitative results of the 2016 vintage are the following:

99,034 kg of Godello – an increase of 1500 kg compared to 2015-.

2,620 kg of Grenache – lower production that have favored the maturation and health of the grapes -.


As for qualitative values, the quality of the grape has been outstanding and the balance of acidity and alcohol is more than remarkable. Thus, the results of the analysis showed the following data at the time of collection.

Godello intended to 100% Godello A Coroa and A Coroa Lias: 13.5% vol grade, with 5.8 gr / l of acidity.

Godello intended to “200 Cestos” of the Lentellais plot: 13.5 vol grade, with 6.2 gr / l of acidity.

Centenarian Grenache Ladeira Vella: 14.5 to 15 vol grade with 5.5 g / l of acidity.


In A Coroa winery we work every day to offer wines of the highest quality, as attested by the quality certificate of Galicia Calidade and Controlled Production – being the only winery worldwide producing Godello that that is governed by a production control of its vineyards-.

In A Coroa we are convinced that the quality of a great wine starts in the vineyard. Therefore, and in accordance to our philosophy, all the grapes come solely from our vineyards of controlled production, which we supervise to the smallest detail when taking care of the vines and the fruit, being always environmentally friendly.

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