With the Michelin Star based in Burgos, Miguel Cobo, as the host, and the Michelin Star and two Soles Repsol Victor Gutierrez, as the guest, the wines A Coroa joined the synergies of these two chefs during the event of culinary exaltation held the past July 27 at Cobo Vintage.

In Burgos, on the road that connects this city with Cantabria, is located Cobo Vintage, a restaurant that, along with its creator and executive chef, Miguel Cobo, tries to combine the best of both regions through the products of the Cantabrian Sea and the garden and larder of Burgos. The result; unbeatable. And so is credited with the Michelin star included in the restaurant´s logo since December 2016.

From this passion for combining cuisine – or better said, cuisines – and taking them to Burgos, Miguel presents us “# A4Manos”. Following a trendy style in current days, #A4Manos is presented as the culinary fusion of renowned chefs at a national level with Miguel´s cuisine at Cobo Vintage restaurant in Burgos. Thus, in just 2 years since the opening of this culinary center, already 8 #A4manos exhibitions have been held, and tickets sold out in all editions.

Equipo cobo vintage

At the 8th edition of # A4Manos, celebrated last Thursday, July 27th, it was a reputed Peruvian chef settled in Salamanca who accepted Miguel´s invitation. His name: Víctor Gutiérrez. His recognitions: 1 Michelin Star and 2 Soles Repsol that shine at the restaurant named after him in the Spanish city. The ability to pair in the same menu two radically different culinary styles, such as the Castilian and the Peruvian, resulted in an extraordinarily unique concept, in which the best products in the market were in the best hands: the award-winning Chef Víctor.

The possibility of sharing this experience was irresistible for A Coroa. Accepting the proposal of our distributor and great supporter in Burgos, Martín Gómez, and under the great experience of the sommelier Diego González, our four wine ranges -100% Godello A Coroa, A Coroa Lías, 200 Cestos and Ladeira Vella-, were provided for the elaborations prepared for the event.


The result: AMAZING, in capital letters. The complex and exquisite elaborations were perfectly paired by the sommelier Diego González, in a room full of foodies gathered for the occasion and who ended up really delighted.

For A Coroa it was a real pleasure to take part in this great event and be able to evaluate our wines with the haute cuisine of these prolific chefs. At all times, we were fascinated with the gastronomic-oenological synergies that resulted from this #A4manos008 edition, and we are very proud of having shared, once again, a great culinary experience with the highest figures of the sector.

Víctor Gutiérrez y Miguel Cobo

Our philosophy is the commitment to quality of our products, as confirmed by the seal of Galician Quality and Controlled Production. Moreover, we are the only winery worldwide that produces Godello that is governed by the controlled production of its vineyards.

This philosophy is based on the fact that the quality of a great wine is made in the vineyard; therefore, and faithful to this culture of work, all the grapes come solely from our vineyards of controlled production, in which we have a special care of the vines and the fruit, always with respect for the environment as it is guaranteed by our seal of integrated production.


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