Presentation of A Coroa 2015 vintage in Belgium.

As we announced, the next 16th and 17th of April the A Coroa wines will reach the Belgian public, presenting our exclusive vintage 2015.

In the unique setting of the city of Dendermonde, and in one of the most beautiful northern European palatial estates, the A Coroa wines will be shown to the general public with a small selection of other 5 wineries from different countries and continents. Along with France, Italy and South Africa, A Coroa will be the sole representative of Spanish wines in this meeting.

This selection has been carried out by specialists of Caves de France – World Quality Wines, event organizers and one of the leading distributors of high quality wines in Belgium, Holland and northern France; they are the ones who have picked A Coroa from a rich selection of over a thousand wineries from the five continents.

The event, called “selections of autumn” , is presented by the organizers as “an opportunity to get to know the best wines in the world and, among them, the most outstanding discoveries at an international level this year”.

As for the audience, there will be the representation of the most important gastronomic centers of Belgium, Holland and northern France, in addition to the largest specialists and influencers of the sector.

For A Coroa, to have the chance of presenting our wines in such a select and quality framework, is an inescapable proof of the care that we put in the development of our wines, always trying to offer the best quality of our product at the most honest price.

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