The harvest estimation for Adega A Coroa 2016 predicts an interesting crop

In a year ruled by adverse weather conditions, in the particular case of Adega A Coroa, the health standards of the plant and the fruit, the good resistance of the plots to water stress, as well as the good acidity of the grapes resulting from recent analyzes, induce to provide for an interesting “Harvest 2016”.

Estimates from the ripening sampling control made last Friday, September the 9th, in the different plots of Adega A Coroa, show that there is an unusual slow maturation of the grapes caused by the lack of energy, water stress of the summer and the high temperatures of the recent months, and which all together lead to postpone for a few days the beginning of the harvest period in the different vineyards of the winery.

It is not trivial the fact that the weather forecast incites to remain calm as far as possible, since the drop of temperatures and the possibility of rain aspire to optimize the quality of the fruit, to get to the excellence that each year the wines of A Coroa look for.
In addition, one of the most outstanding reviews of the sampling cited is the very good acidity that the analysis shows, which has not ceased to be optimal throughout the ripening process of the grapes. To get it, the good health of the plant and the fruit have been key factors, with the optimization of the use of treatments under the seal of integrated production, as well as the extensive experience in this area of the technical team of the winery and the continuous work of monitoring each of the vineyards, overcoming fungal infections caused by a rainy spring with a remarkable success.

Finally, the optimum geographical location of the vineyard plots of A Coroa, the production control of different vineyards guaranteed by the seal of “Controlled Production”, as well as the professional teams in charge of each of the vineyards, have been also key factors that have contributed to maintain the vineyards properly before the arrival of the water stress of the summer.

In the A Coroa winery we work every day to offer wines of the highest quality, as attested by the quality certificate of Galicia Calidade and Controlled Production – being the only winery worldwide producing Godello that that is governed by a production control of its vineyards-.

In A Coroa we are convinced that the quality of a great wine starts in the vineyard. Therefore, and in accordance to our philosophy, all the grapes come solely from our vineyards of controlled production, which we supervise to the smallest detail when taking care of the vines and the fruit, being always environmentally friendly.



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