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Godello and Garnacha varieties

The Godello Varietal

The godello’sfavourite habitat is on the slate-strew hillsides of the valley with moderate temperature and humidity.

Its wines combine a delicate structure and varietal expression of accentuated personality and originality.

The godello usually presents a verdant yellow colour that evolves to golden reflections.

The most noticeable aromas are citrus, tropical fruits, green apple, fresh plants like hay, thyme, gorse, and camomile, as well as white flowers and mineral tones.

Tasting Note

The 2017 A Coroa harvest stands out for its exclusivity, combining acidity and freshness with higher unctuousness in the mouth. Soft, delicate, of subtle aromas and very pleasant.

A Coroa Godello 2017 presents a bright straw color, with marked green hues on a thin layer that reminds us of harmonic combinations of Green leafy flowers and shows its careful preparation. Crystal brightness and with an extensive tear.

With great transparency of aromas and remarkable intensity, it subtly shows spicy notes that melt with aromas of wild White herbs, citrus notes, tropical fruit, ripe stone fruit and a light aniseed tone that reminds one of fennel. It has a marked vegetal touch on the nose, typical of the variety, and outstanding clean.

Fresh in the mouth, with less marked acidity and increasing softness and unctuous smoothness. It is a long wine, marked by its slight bitterness, typical of the great godellos. Subtle retronasal aroma with remarkable touch of white flowers.