Our wines

Godello and Garnacha varieties

The Godello Varietal

The godello’sfavourite habitat is on the slate-strew hillsides of the valley with moderate temperature and humidity.

Its wines combine a delicate structure and varietal expression of accentuated personality and originality.

The godello usually presents a verdant yellow colour that evolves to golden reflections.

The most noticeable aromas are citrus, tropical fruits, green apple, fresh plants like hay, thyme, gorse, and camomile, as well as white flowers and mineral tones.

Tasting Note

A Coroa 2015 presents bold colors, fresh and full of light brightness that can be summarized as green lemon yellow on a background color that isthe memory of a spring garden, where flowers with green leaves are combined with plants of light yellowcolors.

The nose shows warm notes with fresh and sweet memories like elder,jasmine and lawns that merge with freshly cut fruit such as pears, applesand mango with a citrus finish very refreshing.

The palate is strong, fresh, lively,combined with the warmth needed forbalance in the mouth. It is structuredand powerful. Memories of citrus juices appear, especially grapefruitwith slight bitterness which makes its aftertaste long, subtle and elegant.