A Coroa Winery

In the Valley of Valdeorras

Geographical location

Because of its geographic situation and the importance of the history of the land, the winery has been reconstructed following the strictest parameters of antiquity: rock, clay, slate and wood.

A Coroa has managed to integrate in this emblematic building, part of the history of Valdeorras, and the surroundings that give it its privileged location in this viticultural county.

Valdeorras Valley

Right in the Valdeorras Valley, already known from ancient times for being one of the natural doorways to Galicia, the A Coroa winery is situated surrounded by sunny hillside vineyards.

The A Coroa winery is at a strategic and historical place; located in a central zone of the Gigurri territory, the XVIII via passed 200 metres to the south and 300 to the north was the gold mine, La Pala.

The winery occupies a small promontory that gives it its name, Coroa or Corona, where a Castreño village associated with the previously mentioned gold mine was located.